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Call for Ideas

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  Ideas for future Preservation Leadership Training (PLT®) sessions, Forum Webinar Series, Preservation Leadership Forum Blog posts, and other Forum resources  are accepted on a rolling basis. Please share content ideas, as well as possible speakers, contributors, and authors.

Please complete the short form below and we will respond with next steps if appropriate. Please provide us with as much information and detail as possible.



  • The PLT® training series provides cutting-edge information and intensive training for preservation leaders through day-long or week-long trainings. Trainings take place throughout the year and country. Various types of trainings (Capstone, Targeted, Intensive) are explained online.
  • The Forum Webinar Series gives viewers a chance to receive timely and informative content while interacting directly with content experts in 45-minute to hour-long online sessions. Webinars take place approximately every six weeks.
  • The Forum Blog is regularly updated, offering readers more in-depth coverage, tools, and resources on latest issues and trends in preservation. Review the blog guidelines on how to effectively pitch an idea.
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